Earthlings have it easy.

Equatorial Mars has a summertime low of -70°C,
and the air pressure averages 600 pascals.
This is a freeze dryer, not a place to plant a crop!

The inhabitants of a long-term Mars colony
cannot rely on food shipments from Earth,
They must be entirely self-sufficient:
Everything they eat, they must grow themselves,
Every square metre of growing space
must be utilized to its fullest potential.

Bacon and cheddar? These are foreign delicacies for a Martian!
Bread you say? You need a lot of wheat to make a loaf of bread.
Fish seem like a good idea, if you can amass enough water.
Is it worth feeding hens instead of humans when space is limited?
Perhaps insects will be appearing on the menu.

The reality is this:
Mars colonists will be mostly,
if not entirely,
for many years to come.

Embrace the future of space exploration.

Eat Like A Martian.

Planet Mars